Fire and Rescue Project Dissemination Plan

Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

Locally, with 47 Volunteer Fire Departments involved, it will be no problem to get all newspapers to publish articles about our project. There are twelve newspapers in the communities served. Seven are weekly newspapers and will run extensive articles. Three are newspapers with wide distribution. The others are distributed mainly to the communities in which they are published.

There is one regional radio station in our area. That radio station does fundraisers for several volunteer fire departments. Management is very supportive of our efforts. We will be able to get interviews as well as public service announcements.

Each volunteer fire department will distribute flyers in the community about our project.

There are no local television stations. However, there is one regional station in a neighboring county. We believe that with the scope of the project being so broad, we will be able to generate interest in an interview or a special report.

The State Fire Chiefs Association and State Volunteer Fire Department Association are already interested in running articles in their newsletters to inform other departments that might want to replicate our project. In addition, we have been asked to make a presentation at both state conferences.

Regarding the junior fire marshal component, the state newspaper will likely run an article on that program. The state newspaper has been supportive of our other projects.

Through the schools, articles are likely to be run in the state education association newsletter about the junior fire marshal program. Information will be distributed community-wide by school personnel and the students.

Since the combining of efforts of 47 volunteer fire departments is a unique effort, the National Volunteer Fire Department

Dissemination Plan

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