Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits include: FICA, SUTA, FUTA, worker's compensation insurance, health insurance, and retirement benefits. Fringe benefits are usually expressed as a percentage of salary. If you do not know what the fringe benefits for your staff are, the person who processes payroll does. The following are several examples.

• A project coordinator will be hired at the rate of $57,000 annually. Our fringe benefits are 19.23% of salary. The total fringe benefit for this position is $10,961.10.

• Two counselors will be hired for the project at a salary of $47,500 annually. Our fringe benefits are 17.22% of salary. The total fringe benefit for these two positions is $16,359.

• Two support staff will spend 40 hours each for a total salary of $1,700. Our fringe benefits are 20.15%, so the fringe benefits are $342.55.

• The executive director will spend 10% of his time supervising the project for a wage total of $10,250. Our fringe benefits are figured at 25.25%, so his fringe benefit is $2,588.13.

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