Historical Data How Did This Occur

If there is a pertinent progression that has caused the problem, then a description of this will provide background to contribute to the proposal reader's knowledge. Almost any information that clarifies the problem, and thus the project, is valuable for the person reading the proposal.

For example, what if your problem is that younger and younger children are involved in committing crimes in your community? Now let's look at an example of the history that may have contributed to this situation.

^4s you can see from statistical data, younger and younger children in our community are stealing, vandalizing and becoming addicted to drugs. The only thing that has changed in our community during the last few years is the advent of an industrial park providing jobs for very nearly every member of the community. Before the small industries moved in, most households had at least one member at home when children came home from school. Now there is no one home. Before children were supervised after school. Now they tend to gather with older children and young adults in the street. As we have seen, this is a recipe for disaster. Younger children are becoming gang mascots and participating in gang activity. They are exposed to the drug habits of the older young adults. Our after school program and third shift program will provide supervision and counseling for these youngest of criminals so they are steered away from trouble before it starts.

Let's take another example. What if your local river has become polluted in recent years whereas it was not in the past? What is the history behind this event?

In the last three years our local river has become polluted. Once there was a state park along the river with a nice campground, nature trails, and a nature education program for local school children. In a state funding cutback, the programs and campground were abandoned. With no policing and no organized activities, people have become careless and are dumping camp sewage and trash all along our river. Our project to reestablish and expand the programs of the past will reestablish the river environment and protect it.

Readers can identify in some way with your situation if you take the time to explain it logically and professionally.

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