Project implementation includes all the activities you will do to launch the project. For a research project, you might have pretesting as an implementation task. If you are testing medication, you would start administering drugs and placebos, and tracking patients. You might have an animal project where you administer tests and medication to animals. You may be combining chemicals for testing, or you might be using computers to simulate a trip to Mars. The possibilities are almost endless. Virtually everything is documented in a research project—tell the funder who will keep records, and what to expect by what project month for documentation.

If you have a curriculum project, you will start either developing the curriculum, or offering it to the first students. You might be pretesting and posttesting. Professor or teacher records provide documentation. Certainly all curriculum materials and lists of reference texts, as well as records of research done through the Internet, are valid documents to keep. Records of students taking courses, and their activities, are necessary for documentation.

What if you had a project to feed the hungry in Africa? You would keep records of the numbers of people fed. Records of raw products and food served would be valid documentation. Volunteer names and associated costs would be documented. Transportation to get the food to the field would be needed, and records involving gasoline, lease, purchase, insurance, shipping costs, and maintenance would be kept. You would be likely to have records required by the governments of the countries you serve as well.

In summary, think through what records are logical for your project, and very briefly describe or list the documents that you will keep. Indicate where records will be kept, and who will be responsible. Specify what reports will be sent to the funder.

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