In-kind items are the contributions your organization can make to the project without going outside to hire the services or purchase the goods. For example, almost every project will require tasks by your support staff. Estimate the hours your staff will have to work on the project times their hourly rate to get your in-kind contribution. If someone in your organization will supervise the project as a part of an existing job, then estimate the percentage of time it will take to provide supervision and multiply by salary and fringe benefits. Most people forget things like copying on in-house copy machines. You can charge the going rate per page for use of your internal copy machines as in-kind. If your project uses phone lines, a percentage of your system costs can be allocated as in-kind contributions.

In-kind is not "funny money." In-kind contributions are real costs that your organization incurs as a result of running the project. Grant makers recognize in-kind as part of the contribution you and your partners make to the overall project budget.

There will be other things you will actually purchase for the project. Those should be separated from in-kind contributions. You will show actual cash expenditures for the project, and then a separate item for in-kind contributions.

The following are some items that can be included as in-kind.

• Employee time and fringe (percentage or hourly).

• Use of equipment at the going rate.

• Use of materials, including software licenses and books.

• Volunteer time at fair market value of donated time.

• Access to special support services such as technical consulting.

The value of in-kind contributions is defined as the fair market value of contributed personnel, facilities, equipment, services, materials, and supplies.

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