Job Description and Personnel Bios

Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

Patrick Swift, M.A.

Current Position—Coordinator of Emergency Medical Services Project Position—Consortium Director Fire and Rescue Project


Mr. Swift has experience in working with police, fire, and emergency medical service organizations. He has the respect of leaders in the community. He is a volunteer fireman in his community and has received training at the state fire fighters school. He was born in our community and has been active in community events for 20 years. He is an active Parent Teacher Association member, is very familiar with the schools, and has worked with the school superintendent and principals. He has successfully led a number of community-wide efforts. Mr. Swift has been trained as a trainer for Emergency Medical Services and has trained trainers for the state agency.


Mr. Swift has organized community efforts to inform senior citizens about medical hazards. In addition, he led a successful campaign to eliminate fire and medical hazards from our community small businesses. His background in emergency management and firefighting make him strongly suited for the consortium director position. He is also a trained trainer and, as such, can lead the training effort for the staff and community. Mr. Swift has worked with community leaders, and has good rapport with them to gain their cooperation for this fire and rescue project. His experience as coordinator of the Emergency Medical Service exhibits the kind of organization skills needed for the Fire and Rescue Project.

Experience includes

Mr. Swift has five years of experience with the Department of Health, coordinating community education programs. For the past ten years, he has been the coordinator of Emergency Medical Services. He has been a trained volunteer fireman for twelve years.

Professional activities

Board Member, Chamber of Commerce, 2000 to present Board Member, Central City Hospital, 2002 to present

Key Personnel Biographies

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