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The continuation plan goes to the heart of your sincerity. Grant funded projects are solutions to problems. Ask yourself this question "At the end of the term of the project, will the problem be gone?" Usually, the answer is no. Therefore, when you disregard the continuation plan, you send a message to the grant maker, loud and clear. The message you send is that you are not sincere about solving the problem. What you want is to take the money and run—not a good message. In fact, a message that will prevent you from getting the grant.

At the risk of repetition, if you honestly cannot see any way to continue a project after the grant maker's money runs out, you are not a good candidate for the grant. Grants are not the answer to all funding problems.

The main source of difficulty with continuing a project is the way the project is designed at the start. It is very difficult to convince a grant maker that you can continue a project that is heavily dependent on staff paid with grant funds. Where will the funds come from to pay those salaries? As said before, concentrate on improvements to your organizational capacity and infrastructure. Once in place, these improvements cost very little to continue. Stay away from staff funding and continuation becomes a much easier task.

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