Letters of Support

Letters of support should always go in the appendix. But, what are letters of support? Letters of support should come from partners and organizations who are contributing something concrete to the project itself. Anyone can get people to write, "These are good people, give them the money" letters. We call those letters attaboy and attagirl letters. The funders pay no attention to those letters. However, they do pay attention to letters that indicate real support, either monetarily or in in-kind contributions.

All partners should specify the things they are contributing to the project activities. If there is an organization or person contributing something, but they are not a partner, get a letter of support from them as well. You will likely have to write the letters of support, or at least provide guidance, so do not leave this task until last. Letters of support should be typed

Exhibit 17.3

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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