Mission Statements for All Four Organizations

After School Program—Sunnyvale School District

The mission of the After School Program for Middle School students is to improve academic performance, reduce the incidence of behavioral problems, increase recreational and social opportunities, and promote positive parental involvement.

Senior Citizen Center—The Senior Citizen Center

The mission of the Senior Citizen Center Project is to enhance health, wellness, and social activity, and to provide a single point of entry into the world of services for the elderly.

Fire and Rescue Project—Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

The mission of the Fire and Rescue Project is to increase community outreach and improve training, recruitment, and purchasing.

ATOD Prevention—Inner-City Alcohol and Drug Prevention Commission

The mission of the ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs) Prevention Project is to reduce ATOD abuse among school students, provide intervention services, and effectively take the ATOD prevention message to the community.

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