The objectives are steps for each goal. If you complete each objective, you should have completed the goal. They should also be in logical ascending order. Objectives should be concrete and measurable. Objectives have five parts as follows:

• What you are going to do (the steps toward your goal)?

• Using what approach (methodology)?

• Who will do it (project management and supervision)?

• With what result or outcome (evaluation)?

The following are examples for the two goals we stated earlier in this chapter.

Goal 2: During project month two, an expert committee will review software to include in a children's library to serve a community of 30,000 with the outcome that 100 titles will be selected.


What approach?


How many or how much?


Form/ the expert committee and schedule meetings.

Gain commitment: from 2 education professors, 2 master teachers, 2 curriculum coordinators, and 2 librarians.

Project coordinator.

Set up ten, three-hour sessions.

The expert committee is established and committments are gained from all members for the scheduled meetings.

If we were to write an objective statement from this chart it would be as follows.

Objective 1: The project coordinator will gain commitment from eight members for the expert committee and set up ten three-hour review sessions so that all committee members can be present.

As with goals, the remaining information in the chart will be used elsewhere in the proposal, and also in your project management process. The following is an objective for the second goal we wrote.

Goal 4: Research and create a natural habitat with hidden viewing locations during the project month for a family of four bears with the result that the habitat is as close to the home territory of the bears as possible.

Objective 1


What approach?


How many or how much?


Research the habitat of the Kodiak bears.

Access National Geographic experts on bears, consult with midlife agency head in the Kodiak Archipelago and the bear expert at the University of Alaska.

Project coordinator and animal management department head.

Habitat for a family of four bears.

The flora, geology, water resources, and temperature are knownfor the native habitat.

The objective statement can be written as follows.

Objective 1: The project coordinator and animal management department head will research the natural habitat of the Kodiak bears with experts in the field with the result of knowing all pertinent information about flora, geology, water and temperature.

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