Personnel can either be figured by the hour or at a percentage of an annual salary. If figuring by the hour, you show how many hours should be expended times the hourly rate. If figuring based on a percentage, you decide what percentage of time will be devoted to the task, state the annual wage, and take that percentage of it. If a staff member will be totally devoted to the project, then you show the salary. Figure these costs without fringe benefits; there is a separate category for fringe benefits. See the following examples below.

• The executive director will supervise the project at 10% of his time. His annual wage is $102,500. At ten percent, the project will be charged with $10,250 for his time.

• A project coordinator will be hired with project funds at $57,000 annually.

• Two support staff will spend 40 hours each on the project. Their hourly wage is $21.25. The total for these two staff members is $1,700.

• Two teachers will spend 20% of their time with the project. Their annual salary is $43,560. The total for their time is $17,424.

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