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Quad-County Fire and Rescue Association

Fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, earthquake—disasters all of the first order destroying lives, property, and dreams with one huge difference: Fire is preventable.

The first and best line of defense against the devastation of an out-of-control fire is an informed and vigilant populace. Moms and grandmas, dads and grandpas, brothers and sisters, in-laws and outlaws, whether homemakers, business owners, teachers, or truckers, the individual day-to-day decisions and actions made by us all, at times singly and at times in concert, determine our likelihood of a visit from the ruin and loss of fire.

When prevention fails and a destroying fire rages out of control, the next line of defense is the firefighter—equipped, trained, and ready to roll.

Contained in these simple concepts are the difficult realities behind a fire department's ultimate purpose of preserving life and property. Reality number one is that the public must be educated and brought on board as fully functioning fire prevention partners. Reality number two is that motivated people must be recruited and retained as fire fighters. Third, firefighters must be properly and thoroughly trained, not only to preserve life and property but also to ensure their own safety. Fourth and finally, no firefighter can be effective without the right equipment. Firefighters' success and survival depend on their gear—the tools, the outfit, and the machinery they use to battle their ravenous and relentless foe.

In the four-county area of the state that is the subject of this proposal, fire departments are staffed by volunteer firefighters. In the past, volunteer fire departments worked individually, drawing their financial support from fundraising efforts in their communities and miscellaneous fees for service. This method of operation has become less and less sustainable. The main reason is the expansion of responsibility for threats such as the release of hazardous materials as well as the terrorist threats of nuclear, chemical, and biological attacks. These additional responsibilities greatly increase the amount

Project Description

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