Fiscal management will be handled through the office of our financial manager. A separate account will be created and audited for the grant. We have an internal audit on a quarterly basis, and we hire external auditors annually. We change external audit firms every three years to insure objectivity.

Dr. Christopher Allen is our choice for project director. He has fifteen years of experience being a principal. He has an excellent record for supervising special projects. He has been placed in schools that were underachieving and has repeatedly managed those schools to become among the best in the district. His schools have won awards for improvement. He is a mentor trainer, a fact that will add significantly to his work with community members, students and faculty alike.

Our site coordinators must each have experience working with parents and must be computer literate. They must have supervisory experience and 10 years of experience in education. Each must at least have a master's degree in education and be a master teacher.

An advisory board made up of our most experienced educators and subject area coordinators will evaluate the program. In addition, we will hire outside evaluators to do regular observations and to compile data for reports. As can be seen in the goals and objectives section of this proposal, every goal and every objective has an outcome or result. We will use the goals and objectives for guidance in our evaluation. For more details, please review the evaluation plan in this proposal.

Documents will be kept primarily in the project director's office with some site records kept in the principal's office of participating schools. All evaluation documents will be kept in the office of the superintendent. Fiscal reports will be kept both in the office of the superintendent and also in the office of the financial manager.

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