Results or Outcomes

This is the most critical part of the documentation plan. You will cover this more completely in the evaluation plan (discussed in Chapter 10). Here, you will simply tell the funder what documentation you will keep of project outcomes.

If you have a research project, list the reports and documents that you will keep to track your project. The documentation might include:

• Charts and graphs of progress.

• Patient or animal dosage records and tracking.

• Pretests and posttests along with analysis.

• Makeup of control groups and test groups.

• Random sampling procedures.

• Reports and analyses.

• Testing procedures.

• Computer records of simulations and experiments.

• Final report of findings.

If you have a nonresearch project, use your goals and objectives for guidance on outcomes. Every goal and objective should have a concrete and measurable outcome. It is a good idea to organize the documentation plan by goal. Write a sentence in overview for each goal and then list documentation of the results. The following is an example.

Goal 1: Develop science and math units for middle school students using subject matter experts to serve 3,213 students. Outcomes will be: Increased student motivation and interest especially in the areas of science and math, increased parent involvement in child's projects, increased knowledge and skill for all children, and improvement of children's scores and attitudes. Documents for outcomes will be kept by the project coordinator and will include:

• Science and math units.

• Student questionnaire results precourse and postcourse.

• Student grades and test results compared to state, nation and past classes.

• Results of state achievement tests as compared to state, nation and past classes.

• Results of parent questionnaires precourse and postcourse.

• Parent involvement as measured against the STAR scale.

• A longitudinal study will follow a random sampling of students through high school in science and math.

If you organize by measurable goals, you will cover all the ground the funder wants to see in a good documentation plan.

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