Sample Table of Contents Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Table of Contents

Project Problem 3

Project Fit With Foundation Objectives 4

Project Population 6

Plan of Work 7

Methodology 9

Possible Limiting Factors 11

Timetable 12

Project Results 13

Dissemination Plan 15

Follow up and Continuation Plan 17

Evaluation Plan 19

Line Item Budget 22

Summary of Institutional Budget 24

Appendix A: Institutional Background 26

Appendix B: Qualification of Project Personnel 28

Appendix C: Tax Exempt Letter 30

5. Table of Contents. Include a table of contents listing the parts of the narrative in the order of the selection criteria and the page numbers where the parts of the narrative are found. Be sure to number the pages.

6. Program Narrative. Applicants are strongly encouraged to limit the application narrative to no more than 25 double-spaced, standard-type pages. Describe how the applicant meets the competitive priority, if applicable. Describe fully the proposed project in light of the selection criteria in the order in which the criteria are listed in the application package. Do not simply paraphrase the criteria.

7. Budget Narrative. Please provide a brief narrative that explains: (1) the basis for estimating the costs of professional personnel salaries, benefits, project staff travel, materials and supplies, consultants and subcontracts, indirect costs, and any projected expenditures; (2) how the major cost items relate to the proposed activities; (3) the cost of evaluation; and (4) a detailed description, as applicable, explaining in-kind support or funding provided by partners in the project.

8. Compliance with General Education Provisions Act (GEPA), Section 427. Include a section that describes how the program narrative (Part III) describes its compliance with GEPA's Section 427—equitable access to and participation in federally assisted programs for students, teachers, and other program beneficiaries with special needs.

9. Assurances and Certifications. Each of the forms and assurances provided in this application package (4 total) must be completed and included in the application.

10. Appendices. Applicants must include baseline data on student outcomes for one year, as Appendix A. Applicants may also include supporting documentation as appendices to the narrative. This material should be concise and pertinent to the competition. Note that the Secretary considers only information contained in the application in ranking applications for funding consideration. Letters of support sent separately from the formal application package are not considered in the review by the peer review panels.

The table of contents from the Smaller Learning Communities Program would then look like Exhibit 2.2.

The table of contents may not look very important, but it may be critical to whether or not you actually get funded. Prepare it with significant forethought.

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