Sample Table of Contents Smaller Communities Learning Program

Table of Contents

Application for Federal Assistance 1

Coversheet for the SLC Application 2

Budget Form 3

Program Abstract 5

Table of Contents 6

Program Narrative

Need for the Project 7

Foundation for Implementation 10

Feasibility and Soundness of the Plan 12

Quality of the Project Evaluation 20

Budget Narrative

Project Year One 24

Project Year Two 26

Project Year Three 29

Compliance with GEPS, Section 427 33

Assurances and Certifications

Certifications Regarding Lobbying etc.: Form ed80-013 . . . . 34 Certification Regarding Debarment etc.: Form ed80-014 . . . 36

Certification of Eligibility etc.: Form ed80-016 37

Assurances—Non-Construction Programs: Form sf424b . . . 38

Disclosure of Lobbying Activities: Form sflll 40

Appendix 41

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