Senior Citizen Wellness Center Continuation Plan

The Senior Citizen Wellness Center

After the grant term is completed, the Senior Citizens Center Project (project) will cover staff salaries through a combination of the following:

• Private insurance payments.

• Medicare and Medicaid payments.

• Sliding fee schedules for those who can pay for services.

• Contributions from the partners.

In addition, support will be provided for equipment and supplies through budgets of the partners and some funding through the city and county councils. Our median age of citizens is over 7 years more than the national average. Thus seniors in our area have significant voting and lobbying power regarding city and county councils—this provides leverage for the project.

The single point of contact component will be continued through our Anytown Foundation, which will initiate a funding campaign from the first month of the project operation. The plan is to establish a trust fund, interest from which will support this component. Supervision will be through the foundation board of directors in conjunction with the project director.

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