Senior Citizen Wellness Center Dissemination Plan

The Senior Citizen Wellness Center

Locally, our partners are enthusiastic about publicizing the project: first to let senior citizens know of the project and second, to gain support for services. All partners have agreed to publicize the project through their newsletters. But more importantly, they will each make key contacts with newspapers, television stations and with radio hosts. The public affairs officer at the city hospital will coordinate these efforts.

A mailing list of seniors is being compiled from public records and from local agencies. A letter with a brochure will be mailed to each senior. Costs will be covered by a combination of partners through their public relations offices.

State agency counterparts of the partners are keenly interested in this project for replication in other parts of state. The heads of all those agencies have agreed to publicize the project throughout the state. This will be done through newsletters, newspapers, and other media.

In addition, we have a State Clearinghouse on Aging. We will submit articles to the clearinghouse for publication.

Nationally, we will work through the National Association of Counties, the aging clearinghouse. Our county commissioner is active with the association and will help us make the right contacts to get publicity.

We will create a Web site and actively pursue reciprocal links with National information resources for our seniors. We will hire a professional through our partners' public affairs offices to see that we are listed on all relevant search engines.

In addition, we will join all relevant associations nationally and actively pursue publicity for our project. This will be done by submitting articles to newsletters, participating in conferences as speakers and attendees, and seeking reciprocal links to Web sites.

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