Senior Citizen Wellness Center Documentation Plan page

Goal 4—Develop and implement single point of entry services for the 1,250 elderly participants by establishing collaborative relationships with service providers so that seniors have one-stop shopping for services and a single personal counselor.

Our plans for documentation include gathering in the office of the single point of entry coordinator: resource contact persons and profiles of services; Web links to relevant services and information sources; lists of contacts with government agencies; searchable relational database of resources; usage records; lists of commonly asked questions; Web site with key information; agreements and contracts with service providers; planning session records; minutes of meetings; evaluations of services, surveys and questionnaires; participant tracking records; and records of telephone, Internet and personal contacts.

Goal 5—Monitor, manage, and evaluate project to successfully accomplish all goals and objectives.

Our plans for documentation include gathering in the office of the project director: meeting minutes; minutes of planning sessions; fiscal reports and audit records; account information; purchasing records; copies of contracts, billing and invoices; evaluation reports; supervisory observations and work sessions; employee records and evaluations; partner agreements and tracking records; procedures and operations manuals; and management by objectives charts and plans.

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