Senior Citizen Wellness Center Executive Summary page

appropriate care. Wellness activities include exercise programs, weight room, and other supervised activities. Cooking classes teach how to prepare food for specialized diets.

Social activities include meals, games with a game room, dances, and a foster grandparent program in partnership with local schools. Combination social and health activities are support groups for those seniors with emotional or mental issues such as loss or substance abuse.

The single point of entry provides seniors with a simplified way to access all the various services for the elderly, both public and private, through a single location and with a single counselor or helper.

Expected Results

The health and wellness of our city's elderly improves. Seniors benefit mentally and emotionally from improved social activities. Seniors have an effective single point of entry to the providers of services to the elderly.

Our Investment

The Senior Citizen Center will provide all needed support except that detailed in the grant request. A major effort will go into a positive outcome for the bond referendum for permanent funding for the project staff positions.

Funding Request

We are requesting funds to provide five staff positions for three years as well as equipment and renovation for program start-up.

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