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• Ministerial association

On concluding the two-year process of inventory and assessment, the consortium reconstituted itself as the Oversight Committee for Senior Affairs (OCSA), giving itself the mission of facilitating solutions for the problems of senior citizens. Working with the senior citizen center as the lead agency, the first substantive action of the advisory board was to develop fully the plan for a comprehensive program of services for the elderly—a road map into the future with strategic directions, timelines, and benchmarks. The project described in this proposal is comprised of a number of the master program's activities that address the most pressing needs of our community's elderly.

The senior citizen center ("the center") has always provided a few health and wellness services and a couple social enrichment activities. Until now, decisions about which activities to undertake were not guided by a strategic vision or plan. The activities included below, however, are the first phase of a fully planned strategic approach to a "big picture" approach to the welfare of our community's senior citizens.

Health and Wellness Services Enhancements

The health services we intend to enhance include but are not limited to the screening and appropriate referral for the following conditions:

• Heart disease

• Hypoglycemia

• Elevated blood pressure

• Kidney function

• Liver function

• Depression

• Muscle weakness (continues)

Example 7.2 (Continued)

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