Senior Citizen Wellness Center Project Description page

• Seasonal events

• Holiday parties

• Foster grandparent program

The foster grandparent program is a self-contained project that includes the activities of recruitment, screening, training, oversight, and assessment. We have entered into relations with the national organization of the foster grandparent program. Our program will follow the guidelines published by the national organization, and our program will participate fully in the national and state programs.

Combination Activities

Support groups help improve health and wellness as well as promote social enrichment. The support groups we intend to enhance include but are not limited to the following:

• Caregiver's stress

• Depression

• Substance abuse

The support groups will be run in partnerships with a number of agencies, people, and organizations. Partners include the Office of Mental Health, Memorial Hospital, various private practice mental health professionals, ATOD commission, and clergy and lay leaders of various religious groups.

One of the findings from the two-year inventory and assessment was that the elderly overwhelmingly cited religion as an important part of their lives. This was an important reason for choosing the private-sector senior citizen center as the lead agency for the single point of entry. Having the SPE work from the private sector amplified our ability to include faith-based aspects.

To help with support groups as well as other functions, we have established working relations with clergy and lay leaders of all the major faiths represented in our community. These include Jewish, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, various denominations of Protestant Christian, Hindu, Moslem, and Buddhist. We remain open to relations with additional faiths.


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