Senior Citizen Wellness Center Project Description page

• Memorial hospital

• Department of public health

• State department of social services

The secondary members of the consortium include but are not limited to the following organizations:

• ATOD commission

• School district

• Lila Jones Memorial Water Sport Park (swimming pool)

• Privately managed extended care facilities (12 of the 14 in the city and county)

• Office of mental health of the department of public health

• City department of parks and recreation

• County department of parks and recreation

• Chamber of Commerce

• Junior Chamber of Commerce

• Department of Consumer Affairs, state attorney general's office

• City transit service (bus)

• Fire department

• City police department

• Sheriff's department

• Emergency services

• Social security administration

• Department of medicare, health and human services

• Department of veterans affairs

• County library system

• Salvation Army

• Goodwill Industries

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