Senior Citizen Wellness Center Budget Justification page

6. Contractual $25,000

These funds will be used to purchase the services of various companies, organizations, and individuals—services that we cannot obtain without charge from a partner. The areas in which services will be purchased include nursing, medical laboratory analysis, mental health, exercise, weight training, dance, swimming, cooking and nutrition, and various miscellaneous skills such as instruction in arts and crafts.

Any incidental or unforeseen project costs will be borne by the applicant or the project partners.

8. Total direct costs $338,385

Total direct cost is the sum of line items 1 through 7

9. Indirect costs $62,601

Indirect cost rate is 18.5%.

Indirect cost is 18.5% of $338,385 (total direct costs) 10. Total costs $400,986

Total cost (total grant request) is the sum of line items 8 and 9.

Example 16.3

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