Senior Citizen Wellness Center Budget Justification

The Senior Citizen Wellness Center

1. Line item 1—Personnel $210,000

The total for this line item consists of the salaries of four positions. Project director $65,000

SPE director $55,000

Administrative assistant $26,000

2. Fringe $77,385

The fringe rate is 36.85%.

Total fringe is 36.85% of $210,000

The applicant will cover any costs of travel incurred during the project.

4. Equipment $26,000

These funds will be used to equip the single point-of-entry system. Center-based SPE

Desktop computers $7,000

Peripherals $1,500

Communications and database software $2,000

Home visit SPE

Laptop computers $9,000

Peripherals $1,500

Satellite communications hardware and software $5,000

All costs of supplies will be borne by the applicant and project partners.


Example 16.2 (Continued)

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