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Single Point of Entry

In summary, the purpose of the single point of entry is to provide an elderly person with a single place/person through which to access all the various available services, both public and private. Single point of entry may be accessed three ways: walk-in counselor-aided assistance, walk-in self-service assistance, and home counselor visit.

Discussions among service providers began during the inventory and assessment process and continued during project development and preparation of this proposal. Obstacles remain to the implementation of the single point of entry system, mostly in the areas of information security, privacy issues, and communication protocols. We have letters of commitment from each of our 23 partnering service providers in which they agree to a good faith effort to overcome the barriers to cooperation.

Because of the need for a great deal of collaboration and flexibility, the choice of the person to lead this project is especially important. Our choice of Dr. Aaron Hoyt for project director (please see key person bio sketch) was made specifically to overcome the initial setup difficulties. Dr. Hoyt is one of the most well-known and most highly respected leaders in our community. He brings to this project the proven ability to bring disparate organizations together to work toward common goals.

While Dr. Hoyt brings tremendous people skills to the project, management of the single point of entry (SPE) also requires a high degree of technical expertise to establish and maintain the necessary communication and database systems. Our choice for SPE coordinator, April Foot, was made for just that reason. Ms. Foote brings extensive experience, not only with the organization and management of collaborative service-oriented efforts but also with computers, software, and communications networks. Please see Ms. Foote's key person bio sketch for more detail about her qualifications.

The first major responsibility of the SPE management team will be resolving the issues of information security, privacy, and secure, convenient, and reliable communications between and among the many partners. To facilitate the process of keeping government agencies focused on solving problems instead of protecting turf and walking away, we have gained commitment from our city mayor, our state

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