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The funding for the Project will be managed by the ATOD Council chief financial officer who will set up a separate account at a separate bank from the one holding ATOD funds. There has never been an audit exception for any ATOD project. The ATOD Council effectively manages over $3.5 million in grant funds annually. There will be an internal audit and external audit annually. Oversight will be accomplished by the ATOD Council board.

Dr. Aaron Hoyt has superior experience running projects similar to this one. He literally built our local YMCA from the ground up—it now serves 800 people a week. He was manager of a town of 20,000 through a growth of 20%. He has managed budgets of over $8 million annually. He prefers to initiate new projects, and that is one reason he is perfect for the job of project director.

April Foote, as single point of entry coordinator, was carefully chosen for her experience in bringing together community resources to work together on a project. Her department has won awards for efficiency. She has a great deal of experience and training in working with computers—a critical skill for this project.

Goals and objectives each have outcomes (results). Those results are measurable. Evaluation will be guided by the stated outcomes. There will be an internal evaluation accomplished by the members of each partner. One group of medical professionals will monitor the medical and psychological parts of the program. Another team will look at the social and recreational aspects. Outside evaluators will be also hired to create comprehensive reports of findings.

Documents will be housed in the offices of the project director and single point of entry coordinator. All participant files will be kept in a safe room under lock and key with only the executive director of the ATOD Council and project director having access. There is a comprehensive documentation plan in this proposal.

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