Senior Citizens Wellness Center Management Plan

The Senior Citizen Wellness Center

All major partners coming together to form the Senior Citizens Center Project (Project) have worked with grants. In no case has there been a problem with their management of grants. Major partners are the AnyTown Memorial Hospital, the public health department, and the ATOD Commission. Grant funding has been used appropriately by each agency. Books are open and audited annually. All partners have had positive, effective experience with grants management.

The project director will report directly to the executive director of the ATOD Council. This was a decision of the partnership based on the stature of the ATOD Council in the community and the ability to do fundraising which the hospital and public health department cannot so easily manage. The project director will supervise all project operations including the single point of entry coordinator, social workers, and volunteers. The advisory board of the ATOD Council will provide additional support and guidance because it is made up of three doctors—two in family practice and one internal specialist. The other members are two psychologists, one M.D. psychiatrist, and two master social work managers. It was decided that this board with its professional practitioners was the most appropriate for guidance.

The following is the organizational chart of the project.

Example 8.2 (Continued)

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