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The Senior Citizen Wellness Center

The purpose of the Senior Citizen Center Project is to improve seniors' health and wellness, increase seniors' opportunities for social activity, and provide a single point of entry into the community's large number of services for the elderly.

Health and wellness activities are provided through partnerships with the city hospital, public health, and the ATOD commission. Health activities include screenings for heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure, bone density, skin cancers, muscle weakness, and other conditions. Screenings are followed by referral to appropriate care. Wellness activities include exercise programs, weight room, dance, swimming, walking path and jogging track, all professionally supervised. Cooking classes teach how to prepare food for specialized diets such as diabetic, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Social activities include meals, games with a game room, dances, and a foster grandparent program in partnership with local schools. Combination social and health activities are support groups for those seniors with emotional or mental issues such as loss or substance abuse.

The single point of entry provides seniors with a simplified way to access all the various services for the elderly, both public and private, through a single location and with a single counselor/ helper. The elderly access the single point of entry system three ways.

1. Walk-in, counselor-aided assistance at the Senior Center.

2. Walk-in, self-service assistance via computer at the Senior Center.

3. Home visit by counselor.

Improving the health and well-being of our community's elderly translates into financial savings for the city and substantial enhancement of the community's overall economic development effort.

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