State Dissemination

Just as there are media at the local level, there are media outlets at the state level. There are state newspapers and publications —most states have a magazine. There are large television and radio stations that broadcast to a regional audience. All you can do is promise that you will make the contacts to see if a representative will cover your project if it is funded.

At the state level, there might be state clearinghouses that collect information about your project topic. Think about what agency or other organization might be interested in the same topic. Contact the group, and see if they know of a clearinghouse that might be interested in information about your project. A clearinghouse is an entity that collects articles, data, and other information about a particular topic. There are many national clearinghouses, and some states have them as well.

You can contact related professional organizations at the state level to publish information about your project. In the dissemination plan, list organizations that you will contact if the grant is awarded.

If you or your staff holds membership with related professional organizations at the state level, then there are opportunities to spread the word about your project. Staff can make a presentation about your project at a meeting. Gain the commitment of your staff to ask their state organizations about a presentation. For your dissemination plan, make a list of everyone you will contact for presentations if the grant is awarded.

Another way of disseminating information is to hold a seminar about your project, and invite similar organizations who might be interested in replicating your work. This is a more expensive option, and you might want to check with the potential funder to see if they will contribute funds for such an endeavor.

Probably the least expensive way of disseminating information is to establish a Web site and post information about your project. If your organization currently has a Web site, it is a good idea to tell the funder how much traffic the site gets. This will give the funder an idea of how effective your Web site will be in disseminating information about your project.

Project Management Made Easy

Project Management Made Easy

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