The Problem Is the Basis for Your Project

Why go to the trouble of doing a project at all? The answer is to solve a problem. Even the most esoteric project has a problem at its core. Why establish a museum? It solves the problem of preserving history for future generations. Why implement a senior information center? Because seniors need complex information and there are so many resources that can be confusing. Why paint your house? It prevents deterioration and rot. Why make a ham and cheese sandwich? It solves the problem of a growling stomach. Projects are based on solving a problem.

You might not think of the problem right away, but if you think through your life—your projects are all based on solving a problem in one way or another. As grants consultants we get questions every day; we invite them through our Web site and answer them for free. Fully nine-tenths of the questions begin, "we need . . ."

When we get a "we need" question, we work with the person to determine what problem they are trying to solve. Do you need a swimming pool for your community? Why? Is it because you want to promote a healthy, exercise-oriented life for your young people? Is it because you want to provide a safe place for youth to gather so they will not get in trouble? Do you want to initiate a water-aerobic exercise program for your numerous senior citizens? What is the reason you want a community swimming pool?

Only if you identify a legitimate problem, can you match a funder and acquire a grant. See the next section for expansion of this concept.

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The Secrets Of Winning Business Grants

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