Travel includes: lodging, mileage, airline tickets, meals, taxi, shuttle, lease cars, parking and tips. With the Internet, it should not be a problem to research any costs necessary for travel purposes. The funder knows that airline tickets could change prices, so if you have to shift funds to cover an increased cost, the funder will understand. However, do not figure such things as airline tickets at the cheapest rate when you are not assured you will qualify. Figure at full price. The following are examples.


• Two people will spend four days training in Baltimore at a nightly rate of $105.45 including tax and fees. The trip involves five nights each. The total is $1,054.50.

• Four people spend two nights for a meeting in Washington, D.C. The nightly rate is $125.76 including tax and fees. The total is $1,006.08.


Most organizations have a mileage rate they normally pay. It is expressed as a certain figure per mile.

• Staff will spend a total of300 miles a month traveling among clinics. Our mileage rate per mile is $0.40. Staff will travel among clinics for 12 months. The total for mileage is $1,440.00.

• Staff will take two trips to the state capitol for meetings at a round trip distance of 145 miles per trip. Our mileage rate is $0.38 per mile. The total mileage for this activity is $110.20.

Airline Tickets

• Two staff members will travel to Houston, Texas, for the state counseling convention. Airline tickets, coach fare, are $527.50 each. The total for this activity is $1,055.

• The project coordinator will travel to Washington, D.C., for a mandatory meeting. The airline ticket, coach fare, is $1,250.89.


Meals can be expressed at a per diem amount that the traveler will be allowed for meals. Or, there can be a set amount per meal. The following are examples.

• Two staff will travel to training in Atlanta, Georgia. They will be eating three meals a day for three days. Our organization allows $55 a day per person for a major city. The meal allowance will be a total of $330.

• The project coordinator will travel to Hobson, South Carolina, for two state meetings. Our organization allows $35 a day per person for a minor city. The meal allowance will be a total of $70.

• Four staff will attend a lunch meeting in Willard, New Hampshire. Our organization's allowance for a lunch meal is $12 per person. Meals will cost $48.

• Three staff will be traveling to Lexington, Kentucky, overnight for a training session. They will eat an evening meal; lunch is included in registration fees. Our organization's allowance for evening meals is $20 and for breakfast is $10. The total for this activity is $90.


Most hotels can tell you how much a taxi costs to major locations in cities. Taxi services can also be reached on the Internet or by telephone, if you need estimates. Chambers of commerce or tourist bureaus have numbers for taxi services. The following are examples.

• Two staff will travel between the hotel and the agency offices for four meetings. Taxi service, one way, costs $10 including tip. The total will be $80.

• The project coordinator will take a taxi to and from the airport to the hotel for the state meeting (a shuttle is not available). Taxi fare is $23 including tip, one way. The total is $46.


Some shuttles are free but it is usual to tip the driver. Some shuttles are for hire as are taxis. One can find out if shuttles are available through the hotel, chamber of commerce or the tourist bureau. The following are examples.

• There is a free shuttle to and from the airport from the hotel. However, it is customary to tip the driver. There will be a total of four trips for two staff. An allowance of $12 has been allowed for tips.

• During the conference there is a shuttle service to the coliseum. Four staff will be going to the conference for a week each. A week pass on the shuttle costs $25 per person. The total fee is $100.

Lease Cars

The Internet is invaluable for figuring lease car costs. The following are examples.

• The project coordinator must travel to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for two mandatory state meetings. A car will be leased for these trips with unlimited mileage. Each trip will be two days in length. Car lease is $54.76 per day for the four days for a total of $219.04.

• Six staff will travel to the state conference for nurses. The conference is a week-long conference. A van will be leased for the trip at a discount rate for the week of $425.


Hotels usually have a fee for parking. Convention centers frequently have fees for parking as well. It is best to learn these costs ahead of time so they can be figured into the budget. The following are examples.

• The hotel where the ABC Training is held has a $5 a day charge for parking. The staff will be at the hotel for four days. The total for parking is $20.

• The convention center charges $10 a day for parking. Six staff members will be in two cars for the convention. They will be at the convention for three days. The total parking fee is $60.


It is best to include tips with the various fees for meals, taxi or shuttle. However, there is still the sometimes sizeable amount for tips at hotels. It is best to determine an allowance for tips.

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