A good example

I once saw a woman who was excellent at speaking from notes. She'd start by glancing at them, then leave them on the lectern and walk to the center of the stage where she'd simply talk. When she finished her point, she'd walk quietly back to the lectern, glance at her notes, and return to the center of the stage.

You might think she looked strange walking quietly back to the lectern. On the contrary, we were much more aware of her walking back toward us. The feeling was that she, like most human beings, needed some reminders of what to say. But she wasn't going to let that interfere with talking to us.

Now for the technique I've been referring to all along: visual aids. Today they are by far the most common way to remember what to say. Let's consider an example.

I once saw a person explain his tasks as a desk editor for a major news magazine. He spoke for about ten minutes using four visual aids. This was his first one (his blueprint):

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