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Today's writers need to get beyond paragraphs full of xvords. Tables, drawings, graphs, and other illustrations are often what readers remember most.

If you look at a page with an illustration on it, don't you look at the illustration first? And if you look at a page with nothing but paragraphs full of words, don't you wish there were an illustration there?

I imagine most of us have learned to value illustrations. There are some obvious types of illustrations. For example:

• If you want to show how your profits have increased over the past five years, use a line graph or bar chart.

• If you're talking about the gill structure of an obscure tropical fish, use a drawing.

• If you want to show the latest Parisian design for an evening gown, show a photograph.

Those are all useful. They'll have impact. And your readers will remember them.

These types of graphics are all good, but you already know about them. This chapter talks about some other techniques. Whenever you find yourself struggling to describe

1 1 o something in paragraphs full of words, maybe one of these can help:

• using a creative layout for your words

• using a highlighted figure

• including the object itself

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