Longer example livefire vulnerability testing

The next example is from a research analyst. Here's an abstract explanation of live-fire vulnerability testing: "finding out what happens to our military weapon systems when enemy weapons hit them."

When I first heard this term, I was mentally searching for a concrete example. Fortunately, the speaker supplied it:

Suppose there's a new tank, and we want to find out what might happen if an enemy missile hits it. People in the military don't want to wait for an actual war to get the answer.

So they get a new tank and actually shoot at it. The tank is fully equipped for battleā€”loaded with fuel and its own weapons (of course, there aren't any people in it). The missiles they shoot at the tank are similar to the kind the enemy would actually shoot.

The cost is an expensive tank, but the information from the test is often invaluable. Researchers can find out how vulnerable the tank is to the enemy's weapons and possibly make changes to improve it.

The soldiers who operate tanks certainly favor this type of testing.

There you have it: the example. The audience is now ready to hear more about live-fire vulnerability testing. Without the example, they might have preferred being in that tank.

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