Be sure your lists are parallel. That is, lists should never have some items that are full sentences and some that aren't. Once you set up a pattern for a list, you must stick to it—all full sentences or all only phrases.

Sometimes you have items that are only phrases but then you want to add a comment or two. What do you do? Well, here's a solution involving a little rewriting:

Here's what happened:

• April 15. The order was 15 minutes late (arriving at 9:15).

• April 16. The order was 35 minutes late (arriving at 9:35).

• April 17. The order was on time (arriving at 8:55).

This combines the topics of the last two chapters—bullets and headings. They work well separately; they work well together. And both make the reader's job much easier.

Now for the final chapter on layout: graphics.

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