Your visual aids don't need to be only word charts: diagrams, pictures, and graphs all give structure to a section of your presentation and serve well as notes for you. Chapter 23, "Designing visual aids—further tips, " can give you some ideas.

Five other chapters discuss visual aids:

• Chapter 21, "Choosing visual aids," talks about the different kinds available—from overhead transparencies to flip charts—and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

• Chapter 22, "Designing visual aids," then suggests ways to prepare your visuals so they'll look good and be effective.

• Chapter 23, "Designing visual aids—further tips," continues Chapter 22.

• Chapter 24, "Designing computer presentations," suggests some special considerations for using the extra power of computers.

• Chapter 29, "Presenting visual aids," gives some do's and don't's for handling visual aids during your presentation.

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