Use body movement to reinforce transitions

Finally, you can use your entire body to help reinforce a transition. If you're using a visual aid, move toward it and point to the next subtopic you're going to cover. If you're not using a visual aid, simply take a few steps to the side as you're announcing the next subtopic. Watch professional speakers. They often walk or make some other movement at key transition points.

To some, an obvious organization may seem terribly mechanical, but I think of it as wonderfully clear. And a clear organization doesn't squeeze the personality out of a presentation.

I've heard a fireman describe his first unsuccessful rescue—with a clear organization and tears in his listeners' eyes. I've heard a scientist describe a complex innovation for supercomputers—with a clear organization and the total attention of fellow scientists and laypeople alike. And I've heard a top general in the military update his senior officers—with a clear organization and the respectful, almost affectionate, response of his people.

So don't think of a clear organization as too mechanical. Think of it as a terrific way to communicate.

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