What symbol should you use for bullets

There isn't just one symbol for bullets. Here are some perfectly acceptable ways for making the bullet symbol:

• This is the traditional symbol.

■ This bullet is common, too. It echoes the rectangular shapes on many pages (paragraphs, illustrations, etc.). You may need to reduce its point size to make it look right.

♦ This bullet adds flair. Again, you may need to reduce its point size.

— This is what people often use when they can't figure out how to get the other symbols out of their computers.

These ways all work fine, but you wouldn't want to use all of them in the same list, as I've done here.

By the way, if you check newspapers and magazines, you can find many different bullet symbols: squiggles, check marks, happy faces, graphic art (drawings of small pencils, for example), and so forth. These have their places, too, depending on the tone you want to set.

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