Additional Skills

Languages: Thai (native), English (fluent, both written end oral). Computer: Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, Microsoft Office, SPSS, SAP Enterprise Software, Internet Applications.

Addressing an envelope

3 For a business letter:

Mei Li Chen 42 Nanjing Rd. 5F Taipei. Taiwan R.O.C.

Ms. Eliza both Borriman, Diroctor English Language Institute Central Michigan University Mt. Pleasant Ml 48859 U.S.A.

O For ¿i friendly letter:

Yoon Mi Kang Expo Apt, 407-902 674 Junmin-dong, Yongson-gu Daejon City 109-903 South Korea

Karen Armstrong 740 Willow St, Portland, OR 97202 U.S,A.

Now, address an envelope from yourself Lo the following person:

Dr. Steven Elsberg, Central Medical Center, 3000 Broadway, Laredo, TX 76040, U.S.A.

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