1, "Original" meaning 2

IV. : Existing ethnic groups in the United States as well as new immigrants will surely continue to bring new words to English and give fresh meanings to existing words.

Label each statement T for thesis statement, M for main idea, S for supporting point, or C for conclusion.

Title: The Benefits of Yoga a Develops clear thinking b. Physical benefits c. Improves concentration d. Reduces fear, anger, and worry e Mental benefits f. Improves blood circulation g. Improves digestion h. Helps you feel calm and peaceful i. Develops self-confidence j. Practicing yoga regularly can be good for your mind, your body, and your emotions.

k. Makes you strong and flexible

L Therefore, to build mental, physical, and emotional health., considor practicing yoga.

m Emotional benefits

Arrange the ideas in exercise 3 above into an outline. Compare your finished outline with a partner,



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