In. 1848, gold was discovered in California. People from all over the world rushed to California to look for gold—they wanted to become rich. This was called "the gold rush,"

San Joaquin River Gold Panning

In. 1848, gold was discovered in California. People from all over the world rushed to California to look for gold—they wanted to become rich. This was called "the gold rush,"

Evaluating an outline

O The outline checklist

Before you start writing your essay, check your outline for organization, support, and topic development. If possible, have a friend or your instructor check your outline too.


□ paragraphs in tha right order

□ supporting points and details in the right order


□ each main idea related to the thesis statement

□ each supporting point related to the paragraph's main idea

□ each detail related to the paragraph's supporting points

Topic development

□ enough (and not too many) main ideas to develop the thesis statement

□ enough (and not too many) supporting points for each main point

□ enough (and not too many) details for each supporting point

With a partner, check the outline on page 69 for organization, support, and topic development» What should the author add, subtract, or change in this outline? Share your ideas with another pair. Did you make the same recommendations?

The Effecte of the Ca I tfornla Gold Rush on the City of- San Francisco

I« The California gold rush changed Sa<1 pranc>sco !n ways that we can ©till see today.

I). History of the gold rush A. 1S4&

1. Gold was discovered r.ear San Francisco

2. The U.S. president tells the country there's gold in California the gold rush ends

C. 1#49r the gold rush begins as people from all over the world go to California to look for gold. <3old is very easy to find.

D. 1350s: gold becomes more difficult to find; big, expensive machines a re now needed to find gold

E. Gold rjskes ir. other countries

1. Australia

2. South Africa (1504)

III. Effects on San Francisco today

A. People still come to San Francisco hoping to get Hch 1. Computer industry

Sightseeing Is very popular in San Francisco C. San Francisco Is still an expensive city

1. Houses and land

2. Food & clothing

3. Many new fast-food restaurants sell cheap -i am burners 0. Still probrems the city

E. Technological development is stf!l Important

F There is no gold mining tcday

<5. Character of San Francisco today ltf Changes in Ca\\fom\a in the 1000s

A. Population increased—more than 40,000 people moved to California in 1&4&-50 Everything became more expensive 1, Houses and land C, Problems with crime and violence P. Technology to fnd gold improved

V< The specia! personality of San Francisco can be traced h part to the famous gold rush of the 1800s.

6 Look at the thesis statement and topic: sentences you wrote in Unit 8. exercise 8 on page G2. Write an outline for your essay» Then write the essay,

7 Exchange the essay you wrote for exercise 6 above with a partner. As you read your partner's essay, write an outline of the main ideas, supporting points, and details, Your partner will outline your essay. Discuss the outlines.




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