Studying In Your Own Country Paragraphe

Point-by-poînt organization: Paragraph 2

Topic sentence: Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana lived at different times in different countries, but their lives had some surprising similarities.

First point of comparison—difficult childhood

Bl: Princess Diana—mother left family

Second point of comparison'—

A2: Princess Diana—married Prince Charles, later separated from him

Third point of comparison—

Fourth point of comparison—had emotional problems

Fifth point of comparison—

Look again at the second paragraph in exercise 2 on page 41. Does it use point-by-point or block organization? How do you know?

Read this list of details about two popular sports. Then make a list of similarities and a list of differences below. Discuss your answers with a partner.

Tennis played outdoors on a large, open area played with at least two people dubs are used to hit a bafl both men and women ptay very expensive to play in some countries accuracy is an important skill few spectators a racket is used to hit a ball played by pairs of people played on a court with a net played outside or Inside both men and women ptay fairly cheap to play speed is an important skill

Similarities between the sports Differences between the sports

Write a comparison or contrast paragraph. Use either point-by-point organization or block organization.

Advantages and disadvantages

Writing about advantages and disadvantages dually bj to SE" ^TcLd" ^ f°pic' " is you are comparing or coAtrS t^ ^ ^ S6paratC P^aphs. If either pointly-poiToXk^ll ' ^ ^ ^ ^raph *

Studying abroad and studying in your own \ country both have definite benefits for a student. I Living in another country can be an exciting experience because everything seems new and different. The challenge of living in a new environment can give you courage and self-confidence, too. If you want to learn another language, living abroad is a great way to do that because you can read magazines or news-papers, watch television programs, or make friends with people who are native speakers. Another good reason to live abroad is to learn more about another culture. On the other hand, there are also advantages to staying in your own country to study. It is cheaper than living abroad, so you can save more money. Also, in your home country, everything is familiar. You don't need to worry about taking classes in a foreign language, and you can understand the culture and the expectations of teachers. Finally, if you stay in your own country, you can be close to your family and friends. So, if you are thinking about where to study, consider all of these benefits and make a decision that is right for

Write one or two paragraphs comparing or contrasting topics of your choicc or one

• action movies / romantic movies

• the advantages and disadvantages of living abroad

• playing sports / watching sports on TV

• the advantages and disadvantages of having a job while hi college


List five words or phrases of comparison and five of contrast Use them to compare and contrast two things in your college. Share your sentences with the rest of the class.

Comparison Contrast

13 Work with a partner. Separate these ideas into advantages (A) and disadvantages (D).

Studying English a. takes a lot of time b classes are fun c grammar is difficult d. useful for talking to people from other countries e good for using the Internet f. lots of vocabulary to learn g. ton many tests to take h helps to understand English-language movies i. my friends like English j. pronunciation is difficult

14 Now, in pairs, one person should write a paragraph about the advantages and the other person should write about the disadvantages of studying English. Add one new idea of your own to your paragraph.

Share your paragraphs with another pair of students.

Problem / Solution

■ write ah out problems and solutions.

■ use real conditionals.

■ write a two-paragraph paper with linking phrases.

Z) Problems and solutions

Problem / solution writing first explains a problem and then proposes one or more solutions to that problem. Often this type of writing requires more than one paragraph. In this unit, you will write a two-paragraph discussion of a problem and solution.

Problems and solutions

J Read the article from a wehsite on page 51. What is the main idea of the first paragraph? What is the topic sentence?

2 Answer these questions, a. How is the first paragraph developed? What are the supporting ideas?

b. What do tho supporting ideas show?

c. What is the main idea of the sccond paragraph? What is the topic sentence?

d. What solution does the writer offer? What details support or explain the solution?

e. Is there a concluding sentence in the first paragraph? In the second paragraph?

Writing about problems

Z) How to write a problem paragraph

A problem paragraph describes and discusses a problem issue. The topic sentence names the issue you will discuss. The supporting sentences show why this issue is a problem.

3 Work with a partner or small group. Discuss why these issues are problems. Then add two more issues and discuss them.

a. air pollution b. traffic c. overcrowded classrooms d

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