Write A Topic Sentence For Agrandparent

Write a topic sentence for three of these topics.

a. a favorite place to relax b. a grandparent c. a pet I have known d. a favorite food to eat e. playing a musical instrument topic:



Many children begin learning to play soccer u/hen {key ate very young, You often can see them playing at school or In the streets around their houses. In high school students may play soccer on a lea*i and compete in tournaments. If a player Is very good, he might go on to play for a professional team People In my country love to watch soccer on television and also go to the games whenever they can. Many people have a favorite team or player, and everyone loves to talk about matches and competitions. Soccer Is really like a national sport in my country.

I love to play soccer, and I hope I can become a professional player one day. There are many popular sports in my country, but the most popular sport is soccer. Soccer is a difficult sport to Ieam to play well.


7 These sentences are mixed up parts of one paragraph. Number the parts in order: 1. topic sentence» 2, supporting sentences» and 3. concluding sentence.

What should I study at university?

a It wasn't an easy decision, but for the reasons listed above, I have decided to study journalism.

b It can be difficult to choose a subject to study in college because there are so many choices, but by considering my skills and interests, I have decided to study journalism.

c. I have always enjoyed writing, so it is sensible to choose a major that involves writing. When I begin working, I would like to have the opportunity to travel, and travel is often an important part of a journalist's job. Finally, I am also interested in photography, and pictures are very important in journalism.

8 Use words or phrases in the box to complete the sentences.

concluding sentence indented main idea paragraph supporting sentences topic topic sentence a. The is usually the first sentence in a . It gives the

b. The first sentence of a paragraph should be

c. The come after the topic sentence, and they explain the topic sentence.

d. The comes at the end of a paragraph.

U The Development of a Paragraph

■ methods of paragraph support and development.

■ how to write concluding sentences.

Z) Paragraph development

After yon have chosen a topic and written a topic sentence, you develop vonr main idea by adding more information to explain what you mean. This imit will explain three common ways to develop a paragraph; giving dataiIs, giving an explanation, and giving an example.


I Details are specific points that tell more about a general statement. Read this brochure from a health club. Notice the details that help develop the paragraph.

You'll love working out at the Atlas Health Center, and you'll love what it does for youi We have state-of-the-art exercise equipment in large, .»if conditioned rooms. You can work out alone or with the help of one of our professional personal trainers. If you like to exercise with friends, join tin aerobics or swimming class —or even try kickboxing! Our staff nutrition exports ore always on hand to talk with you about health issues When you've finished, you can relax with a whiripool bath or a sauna Come exercise with us at Atlas, and you'll soon be feeling strong and looking good.


r ci

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