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O Using contrastive structures

These words and phrases are used for writing contrasts:

more / less + adjective / adverb + than Eating out is usually more expensive than cooking at home.

adjective + er + than but, while, though not the same as not as ... as different from in contrast however on the other hand

My bedroom is bigger than my sister's room.

I enjoy eating fruit for dessert, but / while / though my friend likes chocolate.

This book isn't the same as the one you bought.

Some people feel that doing exercise isn't as fun as watching TV.

That style of shirt is different from the styles most people wear.

The lakes we swam in were very clean and beautiful. In contrast, the lakes in my country are polluted.

The new store sells its clothing at low prices. However, other stores have better quality clothing.

My boyfriend likes to play sports. On the other hand, I prefer to do yoga.

4 Complete these sentences with phrases from above.

a. Some tourists enjoy taking part in a tour gTOup many other tourists prefer traveling on their own.

b. The two books are very each other.

c. The cost of studying in a college or university in the United States is very high. in many other countries, the cost is much lower.

d. Changes in technology are occurring quickly in the past.

Similarities and differences

Write eight sentences about these two cars. Write about four similarities and four differences. ___

Comparison I contrast organization

Z) Two methods for organizing a comparison / contrast paragraph

Method 1: Block organization

First, write about supporting points for the first topic. Then compare or contrast those same points to the second topic. This type of organization could be outlined like this:

Topic sentence comparing / contrasting two topics (A & B)

Points of comparison / contrast about Topic A

Points of comparison / contrast about Topic B

Topic sentence comparing / contrasting two topics (A & B)

Concluding sentence

Reading a story in a book is often veyy different from seeing it as a movie, when you read a story, you f need to use your imagination. A book usuallygives a lot of description about ike people, places, and things in the story, so you can create pictures in your mind. In addition, the conversations between people are always written with details that describe how the people look or feet while they are talking, when you read, you use a lot of imagination to help "see" the characters in the story. However, when you se£ a movie, it is a different experience, when you watch a movie, you don't need to use your imagination. The pictures on the screen give all the details about the people, places, and things in the story. The conversations are spoken out loud, so you just listen and watch. The feelings of the people come through their faces, body movements, and voices. Although a book and a movie might tell the same story, reading a book and watching a movie are very different experiences.

Method 2: Point-by-point organization

Compare or contrast one point • about the two topics, then a second point, then a third point, and so on. This type of organization could hs outlined like this:

Topic sentence comparing or contrasting two topics (A & B)

First point of comparison / contrast (Al, Bl)

Second point of comparison f contrast {A2, B2)

Third point of comparison/^ contrast (A3r B3)

Fourth point of comparison / contrast (A4. B4)

Fifth point of comparison / contrast (A5, B5)

Concluding sentence

Marilyn Mor,roe and Princess Diana ilved at different times in different countries, but their live© had some surprising similarities. First of all, both women had a difficult childhood. Monroe spent many years without parents In an orphanage, arid Diana's mother left the family when she was only six. Later in their lives, both women married famous men. Princess Diana married Prince Charles, and Marilyn Monroe married a famous baseball player and later a famous writer. They also had difficult marrjages a nd event ua Ily separa ted from their husbands, Another similarity between Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana was that they were both very popular. Piana was called The people's princess" because she was so friendly. Although Monroe was famously sexy, she was well-liked because she seemed very innocent. However, although they both seemed to have very happy lives, both women actually had emotional problems and often felt sad and depressed. Monroe went through serious depression and had to go to a hospital for treatment. Likewise, Diana suffered from an eating problem and was depressed during par^s of her marriage. A last similarity between Marilyn Monroe and Princess Plana was their deaths at an earfy age. In fact, they were both thirty-six years old when they died, Monroe in 1962 and Diana in 1997. Maybe their similar life circumstances and lifestyles explain why Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe also had similar personalities.

Read the two paragraphs above then answer the questions.

a. Which paragraph mostly compares and which mostly contrasts?

b. Finish filling in the outlines on page 46 for each paragraph.

Block organization: Paragraph 1

Topic sentence: Reading a story in a hook is often very different from seeing it as a movie.

Topic A—reading a book Supporting points:

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