Write a simple outline of yciursuJf or your life. First, outline only the "body paragraphs." Your main ideas could include physical characteristics, your personality, your habits, your family, places you have lived, jobs you have had, things you like and dislike, and so on.

Explain your outline to a partner. Your partner will then add a "thesis statement" and "concluding statement,"

Join another pair and. present your complete outlines.

Introductions and Conclusions

■ the purpose of an introduction.

■ types of information in introductions.

■ the purpose of a conclusion.

■ techniques for writing conclusions.

3 The importance of introductions and conclusions

Unit 8 explained that the introduction and the conclusion are two of the three main parts of an essay. Without an introduction and a conclusion, an essay is fust a group of paragraphs. The introduction and the conclusion work together to make the topic and main ideas of the essay clear to the reader.

The introduction

Z) What is an introduction?

The first paragraph of an essay, as you learned in Unit 8, is called the introduction. The introduction ...

• is usually five to ten sentences,

• catches the reader's interest.

• gives the general topic of the essay.

• gives background information about the topic.

• states the main point (the thesis statement) of the essay.

The introduction is often organized by giving the most general ideas first and then leading to the most specific idea, which is the thesis statement, like this:

Specific idea (Thesis statement)



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