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Deforestation is a serious problem because forests and trees aren't just pretty to look at, they do an important job making the earth's environment suitable for life.They clean the air, store water, preserve soil, and provide homes for animals. They also supply food, fuel, wood products, and paper products for humans. In the past fifty years, more than half of the world's rain forests have been destroyed. Today, the forests of the world are being cut down at a rate of fifty acres every minute! Scientists say that if deforestation continues, the world's climate may change, floods may become more common, and animals will die.

One solution to the problem of deforestation is to use less paper. If you use less paper, fewer trees will be cut for paper making. How can you use less paper? One answer is to reduce your paper use by using both sides of the paper when you photocopy, write a letter, or write a paper for school. A second answer is to reuse old paper when you can, rather than using a new sheet of pa per. The backs of old envelopes are perfect for shopping lists or phone messages, and when you write a rough draft of an essay, write it on the back of something else. A final answer is to recycle used paper products instead of throwing them away. Most schools, offices, and neighborhoods have some kind of recycling center. If you follow the three Rs—reduce, reuse, and recycle—you can help save the world's forests.

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Z) Using conditional structures

The real {or first) conditional is a useful way to talk about both problems and solutions:

Fish will get sick if factories dump their waste into streams. modal + main verb present

If you eat fish from polluted waters, you could get sick too. present modal + main verb

Punctuation note: No comma is needed when the if-clause comcs second: People can become sick if they eat the sick fish.

The event in the ¿/-clause is possible, or is likely to happen. The event in the result clause wouid logically follow. There are other types of conditional sentences, but real conditionals are the most common in writing about problems and solutions.

4 Read the paragraphs on page 51 again. Underline the conditional sentences.

5 Complete these sentences by circling the correct form of the veA.

a. If you use / don't use a map when you drive, you get / could get lost.

b. Students do / mil do poorly on their exams if they don't get / won't get enough sleep.

c. If you want / could want to lose weight, exercise / don't exercise thres times a week and eat ! don*t eat junk food.

d. If you fly / could fly there, it will be / can faster than taking the train.

e. Many arguments are / can be avoided if you think / will think before you speak.

f. I will go / won't go to that movie if 1 find / wiII find someone to go with me.

6 Complete these sentences with your own ideas. Then compare with a partner.

a. If it rains this weekend

b. If the library isn't open tomorrow

c. If gas prices increase even more,

,1 will call you tonight,

, you can make a lot of money. I won't take a vacation.

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