A description of a person may answer some of the following questions:

♦ How does the person act—how is his or her personality?

♦ How does he or she make others feel?

With a partner, add at least two other adjectives to the two lists above.

fCiu^^T WiUC"by 3 y°Un§ WOma" about her grandmother. Circle the adjectives that describe the grandmother.

When I was young, I admired my grandmother for her strength and kindness. She was not very big. in fact, she was tiny and very thin. She was strong, though. She lived by herself and stilt did a lot of the chores around her house. When I was a child, I saw her almost every day, and she and I would talk about everything. She was a very happy person and was always smiling and joking, and she often made me laugh. My grandmother was also very patient, and she would listen to all of my problems. She gave me very good advice whenever I needed it. I didn't need to be afraid to tell her anything, because she never got mad at me. She just listened and tried to help. I also liked to spend time with her because she had interesting stories to tell about her own childhood and life experiences. When i was young, my grandmother was my favorite friend.

D^cribe one of these people. Write eight sentences. Try to answer three or more of the questions at the bottom of page 27. Use your imagination!

Think of a person or place you know well. Then brainstorm your ideas, narrow your topic, and write a descriptive paragraph.

Process paragraphs

A process paragraph is a description of how to do something. It explains the steps you need to follow to complete an activity, Read this recipe and do the exercises below.



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