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Opinion Paragraphs

■ distinguish hetwep.n Fart and. opinion.

■ organic and write paragraphs expressing opinions and arguments,

■ use transition words to express causality.

■ use modal expressions to make recommendations.

Z) Facts and opinions

A fact is a piece of information that is true: That movie was three hours long. An opinion is an idea ot belief about a particular subject; That movie was boring. Writers use facts to support their opinions and to show why they hold their beliefs.

An opinion paragraph

Î Read this letter to the editor of a newspaper. Answer the questions.

Dear Editor,

More people should ride bicycles into town. Last year, seventy-three percent of all workers drove their own car to work. Car traffic in town is terrible, parking' places are hard to find, and pollution from cars is a real problem. Citizens who want a cleaner, nicer placc to live ought to try iliis nou-poUutiqg form of transportation. Cycling is good exercise, tool lite city must not allow Hit«, problem to get worse. Instead, people should ride bicycles to work and school—and enjoy the health bcjicfits of daily exercise.

Bill Adams BellJiigliam

Î Read this letter to the editor of a newspaper. Answer the questions.

a. What is the main idea of this paragraph? Circle the sentence.

b. mat is the writer's purpose? Why did he write this letter?

c. Underline the sentences or parts of sentences that show an opinion.

d. Why do you think the writer included a fact in this paragraph?

2 Do these types of writing use mostly facts, mostly opinions, or an even mixture of both? Write F for fact, O for opinion, or B for both. Explain your choices to a partner.

a movie review e news report b advice column f. book report for a college literature class c police report of a crime g magazine advertisement d. travel brochure h personal e-mail to a friend

3 Can you think of other types of writing that use opinions? Make a list. Then make a list of types of writing thai use facts.

Use opinions:

4 Read these sentences. Write F if the sentence is a fact, and O if the sentence is an opinion.

a Airfares have bccome too expensive.

b English is an easier language to learn than Arabic.

c Owls are birds that hunt at night d 1 was born in New York City.

e Excrcise is the best way to stay healthy.

f. Internet use has increased every year sii its beginning.

g Engineering is the best career choice.

h Big cities arc dangerous at night.

5 Write three fact sentences and three opinion sentences.

6 Share your sentences with a partner. Decide which of your partner's sentences are fact and which are opinion.

Modal auxiliaries

O Using modal auxiliaries

When you speak, you introduce opinions with phrases like I think In my opinion, and I believe. In general, these introductory phrases are not needed in writing. They can even make you sound less sure of your ideas. Instead, writers use grammatical methods such as modal auxiliary verbs and transition words to express their opinions. Modal auxiliary verbs show the strength of a writer's opinion or argument.

AFFIRMATIVE-. The city could

NEGATIVE The citv should ought to has to / must doesn't have to shouldn't can't / must not add more bike paths. weakest



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