Picture Composition Writing

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Pre-Writing: Getting Ready to Write

Picture Composition Writing

■ choose and narrow a topic. H gather ideas.

Z) What is pre-writing?

Before you begin writing, you decide what you are going to write about. Then you plan what you are going to write. This process is called pre-writing.

Choosing and narrowing a topic

Z) How to choose a topic for a paragraph

A paragraph is a group of five to ten sentences that give information about a topic. Before you write, you must choose a topic for your paragraph.

• Choose a topic that isn't too narrow (limited, brief}. A narrow topic will not have enough ideas to write about. The ages of my brothers and sisters is too narrow. You can't write very much about it.

• Choose a topic that isn't too broad (general). A broad topic will have too many ideas for just one paragraph. Most paragraphs are five to ten sentences long. Schools is too general. There are thousands of things you could say about it.

A student could narrow this topic by choosing one aspect of schools to discuss. schools high schools in my country popular school clubs university entrance exams

I Choose three topics from this list. Narrow each of the three down to a paragraph topic. Then compare with a partner.

a. holidays b. friends c. my country d. dancing e. cars

Picture Composition Writing


Z) What is brainstorming?

Brai nstorming is a way of gathering ideas about a topic. Think of a storm: thousands of drops of rain, all coming down together. Now, imagine: thousands of ideas "raining" down onto your paper! When you brainstorm, write down every idea that comes to you. Don't worry now about whether the ideas are good or silly, useful or not. You can decide that later. Right now, you are gathering as many ideas as you can.

You will learn three types of brainstorming in this unit: making a list, free writing, and mapping.

Making a list

Write single words, phrases, or sentences that are connected to your topic. Look at this list a student made when brainstorming ideas to write about her topic, "What should I study in college?"

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